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TRAPE | People’s Online Tracker

Hello, Hackers!

I’m back with a very interesting post on Trape. This post is going to be very informative and full of enjoyment because I’m going to share how hackers will know your IP, Location, Browser, OS, Social Media Accounts etc in a single click.

I know that there are so many tools already present for doing this but Trape has its own good things which attract me to write a post on it.

Let’s Hack 🙂

Firstly, you need to download this tool because this is not present in your Kali Linux. Click Here to open this tool Download page.

If you want to download Trape manually then type

in your terminal.

downloading trape

After downloading Trape tool. Jump into this Tool and install its requirements package By typing

Now this will automatically install the required tools and packages which is missing on your computer.

install trape tool

After successful installation of the requirements.txt file.

I don’t know how to use this tool. So, I open the help page of this tool by typing

Here, -h ==> help

trape help

Now, type

-u ==> For URL

-p ==> Port Number

Now, you can see here the tool is ready to perform an attack.

configuring trape


As you can see here 2 links and 1 key is present:

  1. The lure for the victim: That means the link which we need to send to the victim whom we want the data.
  2. Control Panel Link: It shows how many devices are connected to us and also shows different options which we can perform on the victim.
  3. Your Access Key: It’s like the password to login to the Control Panel.
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Ist we open the Control Panel link in the browser and put the access key here to login to the account.

control panel

After login, you can see the complete User Interface of Trape tool. You can see there is no active device is present. Now, share this link with your victim. This is the same link which is present in front of the lure for the victim.

trape account

open link

After opening that link on the victim system. You need to refresh the Control Panel Page.

After refreshing you can see there one device is online. This is your victim system.

device is up

device is online

Now, you can see here some details like Public IP, OS, Browser.

Now click on the Details option which is present at the front of the device. Here, you can see the location, ISP, CPU, Country, State, Social Media accounts (if open any).

details of information

attacks vendor

Here one more option is present that is ATTACKS HOOK. This option will only work when we are performing this attack over WAN. I’ll upload part 2 of this post in which I’ll teach you how to perform this attack over WAN. 

ATTACKS HOOK has four interesting options are in the following:

  1. Phishing Attack: If you don’t know anything about Phishing then read my previous post on Phishing. There you’ll get the complete information about phishing.
  2. Redirect Attack: Hackers use this option to redirect a normal user to its own website, and there are many things a hacker can do with this option
  3. Code Execution Attack: This option will pop up a message which you want to show on the victim’s browser.
  4. File Send: You can send your payload file. I already write a post on how to make a payload file for hacking a mobile and computer.
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I hope you like this tutorial. If you have any doubts regarding this tool and If you wanted to give any kind of suggestion to improve these articles then comment it below we will definitely reply/contact you.

Keep Sharing:)

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